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Vladimir Putin urged to take Ice Bucket Challenge

Vladimir Putin is the latest high profile figure to be challenged to take the Ice Bucket Challenge - a viral craze that has involved numerous celebrities in recent days.

Vladimir Putin is thought to be too busy to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. Credit: Reuters

US film star Vin Diesel threw the gauntlet down to Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama and the Russian President as he took on the challenge himself.

However, Mr Putin is thought to be unaware of the dare, with his spokesman reported in Russian media as saying: "We've had other things on our agenda."

Vin Diesel's video of the stunt on Instagram puts among big names such as Bill Gates, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber who have already taken on the charity challenge.

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The ALS Foundation - a US charity dedicated to sufferers of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - says it has received $22.9 million in donations in the last three weeks, largely thanks to the success of the challenge.