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Devoted husband reads poems to his ailing wife to help keep her memories alive

Len Biddlecombe reads poetry to his wife Barbara every day. Credit: ITV News

A devoted husband has published a heartfelt book of 46 poems for his ailing wife - one for each year of their marriage.

Len Biddlecombe's wife Barbara is battling Alzheimer's and - powerless to stop her memories from fading - he reads those poems to her every day.

ITV News' Sejal Karia reports:

Although Barbara can no longer speak due to her condition, Len spends his time comforting her, recalling their happiest memories together.

She was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen - I fell in love with her right there and then.

It sounds corny but it's true!

– Len Biddlecombe remembers the first time he saw Barbara.
Len and Barbara Biddlecombe first met in 1966. Credit: Family handout.

Asked what keeps him going, Len said, "She does, my love for her."

"I will be here everyday. In 46 years of married life there hasn't been a day that I haven't spent some of it with her," he added.

Len writes in the book, entitled Life of Love, "No words can ever express exactly what she means to me however these words have enabled me to convey, in some small way, the deep love and devotion I will always have for her."