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Boy's mother 'misunderstands' Ice Bucket Challenge with premature surprise

Ben Storey was caught by surprise. Credit: Facebook / Ben Storey

One mother who clearly hadn't watched enough Ice Bucket Challenge videos hilariously angered her son when she cut him off in the middle of the introduction to his attempt.

Ben Storey had got as far as "right, this is my Ice Buck..." when Ann, his mother, decided to unload the contents of her bucket prematurely.

The stream of ice-cold water came as a surprise to both Ben and the dog perched on his lap.

"Ah mam!" he exclaims. "Jesus, mam!"

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Ben posted the video to Facebook on Thursday and the post was shared over 3,000 times within two days of its upload.

"Ann Storey does not understand ice bucket challenge," was Ben's dry caption.

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