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Why always me? Balotelli's best (and worst) bits

Balotelli hasn't added much to his 'best bits' at Liverpool. Photo: PA

Enigmatic Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli found himself in headlines again today when one of his Instagram posts prompted claims of racism and anti-semitism.

The Italian has since apologised for the comment, claiming it was intended as "anti-racist with humour."

For better or worse, the 24 year-old who was one described by Noel Gallagher as "a force of nature" is the subject of countless headlines and column inches.

Here, we round up some of his best and worst moments.

  • Tripping up his £27m colleague
  • Having trouble with a training bib
Balotelli filled up an entire World Cup sticker album with pictures of himself. Credit: Facebook/Mario Balotelli
  • Turning up to play for Man City's youth team
The striker scored two goals in the process. Credit: @mcfc
  • Fighting with his manager
Roberto Mancini later said the scrap was Credit: Eamonn & James Clarke
  • Surprising schoolchildren on a stadium tour
  • Celebrating international goals like this
Balotelli played a starring role in getting Italy to the Euro 2012 final. Credit: PA
  • Not smiling when he scores...
  • Unashamed showmanship after scoring against City's rivals
The 'Why Always Me?' slogan became a cult hit. Credit: PA
  • Fireworks, literally set off inside his home
Emergency services were called after a firework is set off in the bathroom of his home. Credit: PA
  • Driving a camouflage car... avoid being spotted. Credit: PA
  • Being Noel Gallagher's favourite player...
  • Entertaining his guests with magic tricks...
  • Remaining calm under pressure
Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Nani and Anderson attempt to get their points across. Credit: Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport
  • Pepe shirt swap incident
Balotelli is reprimanded by Liverpool for swapping shirts with opponent Pepe at half-time when the Reds were already losing 3-0. Credit: PA
  • Confrontation with woman in Manchester
Mario was accused of threatening behaviour towards a woman who was taking photos of his Ferrari in Manchester. Credit: PA
  • His 'appearance' in the House of Commons
Conservative MP Guy Opperman caused a stir by mistaking 55 year-old dancer Ken Hinds for Mario Balotelli at a House of Commons debate on drugs policy. Credit: PA