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Downton superfan turns doll's house into ultimate tribute

A Downton Abbey superfan has recreated her favourite show - and some of its star characters - with an intricately-decorated Victorian dollhouse.

Fiona Gordon, aged 50, spent 18 months decorating the replica manor Credit: SWNS

Grandmother-of-four Fiona Gordon, aged 50, was given the dollhouse as a gift from her husband Derek for Christmas in 2012, and has spent the past 18 months finding the perfect period knick-knacks and furniture for a fitting tribute.

She has even bought her own Lady Grantham and underbutler Thomas Barrow.

Lady Grantham in her bedchamber Credit: SWNS

Fiona says she has been interested in the world of miniature since she was a little girl, and was looking for a new craft project - so when she got the house as a present she took inspiration from the popular ITV series to adorn the interior.

The mansion has one bedroom, one nursery, a bathroom, a drawing room, a kitchen and a dining room, and each one has been decorated with hand-made fabric and ornaments.

A mini Lady Grantham and underbutler Thomas Barrow outside the recreated Downton Abbey Credit: SWNS
A mini Lady Grantham and underbutler Thomas Barrow take tea Credit: SWNS

A senior sales assistant at Greggs, Fiona, from Morecambe in Lancashire, also hand-stitched the clothing to ensure it looked authentic, and even made the flowers in the plant pots, adding soil made from dry tea bags.

I've never owned a doll's house before but I've always loved anything from the world of miniature.

When my husband bought me a doll's house for Christmas I knew I wanted to design it like Downton Abbey.

I absolutely adore the show and watching it has really helped me lay out the rooms and dress the dolls.

It's not quite as big as Downton Abbey but the rooms are decorated in the same way. They're not identical but I wanted to keep them looking the same Victorian style.

Some of the furniture I bought and other parts I made myself.

I can't wait for the next series and I've really enjoyed building the house. I've put my heart and soul into it.

– Fiona Mason, Downton Abbey fan
Fiona Gordon took inspiration from her favourite show when she received the dollhouse as a Christmas gift Credit: SWNS

As well as Lady Grantham and her butler, Fiona has introduced three more characters to the house who don't come from the show - cousin Veronica, and the children Victoria and Lucien - to help populate the manor.

She said she plans to pass the house down through the family, adding: " I'll never sell it."

The fifth series of the hit show is due to hit TV screens next month.