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Full details of Israel-Hamas ceasefire released

Full details of the latest ceasefire agreed between Israel and the Palestinians have been released.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum is carried by Palestinians as they celebrate the latest ceasefire deal Credit: Reuters

The ceasefire began yesterday evening after 50 days of fighting, which has left more than 2,100 Palestinian people dead - most of them civilians - along with 64 Israeli soldiers and six Israeli civilians.

In the deal, brokered in Egypt, a number of immediate steps have been agreed by both sides, while more complex issues will be addressed in further talks, set to begin within a month.

A family passes houses destroyed in shelling attacks en route to their home in Gaza Credit: Reuters

Immediate steps

  • Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza will halt all rocket fire into Israel.
  • Israel will stop all military action, including air strikes and ground operations.
  • Israel will open more of its border crossings with Gaza to allow humanitarian aid and construction equipment through.
  • Egypt will open its eight-mile border with Gaza at Rafah.
  • The Palestinian Authority will take over responsibility for controlling Gaza's borders from Hamas, in a bid to stop weapons and ammunition entering. Imports of construction materials will also be tightly controlled to ensure they are used for rebuilding homes, rather than the hunnels used by Hamas to attack Israel.
  • Israel will narrow the 300-metre security buffer to 100 metres, allowing Palestinians more access to farmland near the border.
  • Israel will extend the fishing limit off the Gaza coast from three miles to six miles, with the possibility of extending it to the 12-mile international limit if the truce holds.
Part of the agreement will allow construction materials through to help people rebuild their homes Credit: Reuters

Long term issues

  • Hamas wants the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, rounded up in the West Bank after the abduction and murder of three Jewish seminary students in June. It comes after an exiled Hamas leader admitted the group did carry out the attack, after initially denying involvement.
  • Freedom for a number of long-serving Palestinian prisoners.
  • Israel wants all body parts and personal effects of their soldiers killed in the war to be handed back.
  • Hamas wants a sea port built in Gaza.
  • Hamas wants the Palestinian Authority to un-freeze funds, to allow it to pay 40,000 workers - including police and government staff - who have gone without salaries since late last year.
  • Israel wants the full "demilitarisation" of Gaza,
  • Palestinians also want the Yasser Arafat International airport, bombed in 2000, to be rebuilt.

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