Goodbye, August - it's time to enjoy a second summer

By Lucy Verasamy: ITV News weather presenter

After a pretty decent summer so far - August has been thoroughly disappointing. We might as well just write it off.

Figures show it's likely to have been the coldest August for 21 years, and the wettest for a decade.

The first week was warm and thundery - but as the winds switched to a north-westerly direction much cooler air seeped in.

Another ex-tropical storm will boost temperatures in the next few days Credit: PA

Temperatures dipped down well below the norm for the time of year. We had chilly early mornings and late evenings - and even colder nights with a touch of frost as temperatures dropped to near freezing point in some rural spots.

We've also had our fair share of wet weather. Ex-tropical storm Bertha brought widespread wet weather mid month, followed by a notable deluge of solid, steady rain just in time for the Bank Holiday.

Some parts of the south-east saw nearly a month worth of rainfall in 48 hours.

Warmer, sunnier weather is on the way in September Credit: PA

It's not worth giving up just yet though. It looks like summer will make a return - just as we flip our way into September.

Ex-tropical storm Cristobal is expected to swing across the Atlantic in the coming few days - but unlike Bertha will miss much of the UK as it passes to the north-west of our shores to affect Iceland.

As it does so, it'll have a positive influence on the jet stream - and in turn high pressure will be dragged up from the Azores.

A disappointing August is set to make way for a much more pleasant September Credit: PA

As a result things will settle down after the weekend and temperatures will be boosted a few degrees.

There'll be some cloud and showers from time to time but generally it'll feel a warmer - with highs of 20C in northern Scotland and 26C for south-eastern England by midweek.

It'll feel more like late summer than autumn.