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Little boy 'exasperated' by being told his mother is pregnant

The boy's hilarious reaction to his mother's pregnancy has proved popular on YouTube. Credit: YouTube/Shanee Hart

A boy said he was "exasperated" by being told his mother is having another baby in a hilarious video.

When his mother reveals she is pregnant, the youngster called Trey holds his head in his hands before saying: "What were you thinking?".

The child, sitting next to his younger sister, questions why his mother wanted another baby when she already has two children.

"What are you thinking getting another baby - you've just had two!" he says throwing his arms in the air in despair.

He describes the situation as "exasperating".

After inquiring as to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, Trey claims a boy crying will be far worse than hearing his sister.

Footage of Trey's reaction has gained over 100,000 views. Credit: YouTube/Shanee Hart
He questions why his mother would want another child when she already has two. Credit: YouTube/Shanee Hart
'Buy me some ear plugs,' he says. Credit: YouTube/Shanee Hart

Despite his mother's attempts to reassure him about having a new brother or sister, Trey remains unconvinced.

"Buy me some ear plugs," he says.

The video has been viewed nearly 100,000 times since being uploaded last week.