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Could Jed the lurcher be Britain's least wanted dog?

Could this be Britain's least wanted dog? Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

Thought to be Britain's least wanted dog, Jed the lurcher has been overlooked by 17,000 families since he first came to live at Dogs Trust as a four-month-old puppy.

Although two owners did welcome energetic Jed into their homes, the adoptions did not last.

Can you resist those puppy dog eyes? Credit: ITV /Good Morning Britain

Seven years - or 49 dog years - later, the lovable lurcher's hopes for adoption are fading.

But Darlington Dogs Trust hopes the launch of a fresh appeal to find him a home will finally change Jed's fortunes for the better.

'We can't understand why he hasn't found a home yet,' Jed's carer told GMB. Credit: ITV /Good Morning Britain

One of Jed's carers, Rebecca McKeown, told Good Morning Britain, "He is absolutely gorgeous, so we can't understand why he hasn't found a home yet."

"We are not too sure why he is overlooked, it may be because he needs a specific type of home," she continued.

"He is quite a large dog as well, which can put people off, but as you can see he is very cuddly and cute".

If you would like to give Jed a home, contact the Darlington Dogs Trust.

Could you give the lovable lurcher a home? Credit: ITV /Good Morning Britain