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One misses eye contact - the Queen finds sea of mobile phones 'strange'

The Queen says she finds it strange to be greeted by a sea of mobile phones. Photo: Chris Ison/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Queen has apparently opened up about one feature of modern life she finds "strange" - the masses of mobile phones that greet her wherever she goes.

The Queen inspecting a new mobile phone on a factory tour in Canada. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The monarch made the remarks to US ambassador Matthew Barzun during what he called a "nice chat" at Buckingham Palace following his appointment.

Mr Barzun told Tatler magazine: “She was essentially saying: 'I miss eye contact’.”

Her apparent dislike of the rise of the mobile phone has not stopped the Queen sneaking into some selfies herself, though.

This snap from Australian hockey player Jayde Taylor during the Commonwealth Games shows Her Majesty grinning right at the camera.

The Queen photobombs Jayde Taylor's selfie. Credit: Instagram/Jayde Taylor

Princes William and Harry have also shown a fondness for 'photobombing', including surprising Olympic champion Chris Hoy.