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Tucker the 'world's saddest cat' finds a loving home

Tucker the 'world's saddest cat' Photo: Facebook/Purrfect Pals

An orphaned feline dubbed the "world's saddest cat" has found a loving home after an appeal by an animal shelter went viral.

Tucker arrived at the Purrfect Pals shelter in Arlington in the US state of Washington after its previous owner could no longer care for her.

She has a genetic condition that gives her face a doleful appearance, as well as an auto-immune disease that makes her skin very thin and easy to bruise.

Tucker has a genetic condition that gives her a sorrowful appearance Credit: Facebook/Purrfect Pals

The kitty's case was picked up by local newspaper Seattle Pet Examiner last month, and the shelter says it has been "overwhelmed with inquiries from people all over the world" ever since.

Tucker in the arms of her new owner Credit: Facebook/Purrfect Pals

Tucker is now living with a vet and her husband in nearby Seattle, a statement from Purrfect Pals said.

There were many wonderful people interested, but we felt that one family in particular was the best fit. Katie works at a vet clinic and she and her husband have plenty of experience caring for special needs kitties ... We couldn't dream of a better match for Tucker!

– Purrfect Pals statement

Tucker also has a new "brother" named Poe - another cat with similar special needs. The pair even have matching outfits to protect their fragile skin from bruises and tears.

Tucker (L) and her new 'brother' Poe in their matching protective outfits Credit: Facebook/Purrfect Pals

Ever since Tucker's appeal was first posted, there has been an outpouring of media attention for the dejected puss.

Tucker even has a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account for members of the public to keep up with her adventures.