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Ailing dog saved as vets extract 43 socks from its stomach

The socks had resulted in a severely distended stomach for the three-year-old dog. Credit: Dove Lewis hospital

A three-year old great dane has been saved by vets who discovered more than 40 socks in his stomach.

The dog was taken to an animal hospital in Portland, Oregon after his owners observed him repeatedly wretching and vomiting.

Forty-three (and a half) socks were found inside the dog's stomach. Credit: Dove Lewis

X-rays revealed "a large quantity of foreign material" and surgeons at the Dove Lewis clinic removed 43 and a half socks.

The socks were disposed as medical waste. Credit: Dove Lewis

The animal was sent home one day after surgery, vets said.

The build up of socks seen inside the dog's stomach. Credit: Dove Lewis

The underwear-loving hound's case was publicised as part of a US-wide X-ray contest to find the strangest objects discovered eaten by pets.

Other entrants included:

Alien toy inside kitten

The kitten had been unwilling to eat since his miscalculation. Credit: Heron Creek Animal Hospital

Chihuahua who ate nine sewing needles

The sewing needles made for an uncomfortable digestion attempt. Credit: Veterinary Surgical Specialists Inc

Terrier puppy who ate a bra

14 inches of bra strap and a metal clip were removed from the 2-month-old dog's stomach and resulted in a laundry-room ban. Credit: ackson County Veterinary Clinic PLLC
Woof the dog ate a flock of five rubber ducks, which were removed from its stomach in various stages of digestion. Credit: Animal Emergency of Pasco