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South East has the most 'high risk' drinkers in England

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The South East of England has the most "high risk" drinkers in England, with more than 1.6 million consuming dangerous levels of alcohol on a daily basis, fresh data has revealed.

Research from the charity Alcohol Concern showed there at least 1.6 million "high or increasing risk" drinkers living in the wealthiest corner of England.

High risk drinking is defined as people who have more than six to eight units of alcohol each day, while increasing risk is more than two to four units a day.

There were more high risk drinkers in the south of England than the north. Credit: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

There were 1.2 million increasing risk drinkers in the South East, Alcohol Concern said and a further 406,000 high risk drinkers, according to the charity's Alcohol Harm Map.

The map painted a bleak picture of alcohol consumption in England - Some 9.7 million people in England were classed as increasing or high risk drinkers in 2012-13, including 1.4 million in London, 1.3 million in the North West and 1.1 million in the East.

According to the Alcohol Harm Map:

  • One million high or increasing risk drinkers were recorded in the South West.
  • Some 973,000 in the West Midlands,
  • A further 956,000 in Yorkshire and The Humber,
  • Another 838,000 in East Midlands and 480,000 in the North East.
Police restrain a drunk young man on a night out in Lincoln. Credit: REUTERS/Darren Staples

A much higher proportion of alcohol related deaths were attributed to men than women - 13,931 men died from drinking too much compared to 7,495 women.

According to the Alcohol Harm Map, the number of booze-related deaths last year were:

  • The North West had the highest number of deaths with 3,501.
  • Followed by the South East with 3,372.
  • Some 2,463 lost their lives in the West Midlands to drink.
  • There were 2,286 alcohol-related deaths in London.
  • Another 2,266 were recorded in the South West.
  • Yorkshire and the Humber had 2,232.
  • The East of England saw 2,193.
  • The East Midlands suffered 1,902 and the North East recorded 1,206 deaths.
Drunk patients cost London NHS health trusts almost £500 million last year. Credit: PA

The cost of alcohol-related admissions was highest in London, where £457.6 million was spent on caring for those who had to drunk too much.

The East, Yorkshire and Humber and the South West each had more than 950,000 booze-related NHS admissions, while the East Midlands had 783,000 and the North East had 614,000.

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