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13 top tips on how to bag a bargain on Black Friday

Best ways to bag a bargain on Black Friday. Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Ashleigh Swan is a mother-of-three who runs the Ashleigh Money Saver website, helping her followers grab the latest bargains.

Here she writes for ITV News on her top tips for Black Friday.

  • 1. Plan

Plan ahead what you need or would like to buy. If you don’t do this then you will end up making unnecessary purchases and that could be costly!

  • 2. Budget

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Without planning ahead and budgeting then you will end up over spending and any savings you had made on a bargain will be spent on something you didn’t need or didn’t have the money to buy which defeats the point. It isn’t worth getting into debt over.

  • 3. Research

Research the items you would like to buy. Get a few prices of the product from different retailers in the lead up to Black Friday so you know whether or not you are making a saving on the day. Also check the reviews of the item beforehand to make sure it is a decent buy.

  • 4. Wander into aisles

We all know that the end of the aisles are where we find the special offers, but are they the best prices? Most of us think they are because we are being told they are, but if you take the time to wander into the aisles you may see that you can get a very similar item for a smaller price.

Don't forget to check down the aisles for buried bargains. Credit: Rolf Vennenbernd
  • 5. Be punctual

Get there early to bag the bargains. There is usually only a limited number of each item in the Black Friday sale so you have to make sure you are there within enough time to ensure you are near the front of the queue, some people even choose to camp out.

  • 6. Don’t take the kids

Everyone loves a bargain and some people tend to leave their manners at home when it comes to getting one - resulting in pushing and shoving. I wouldn’t take my kids to a Black Friday event because of this, they would only be bored anyway so get some child care into place.

Ashleigh with her three children - who will all be staying away from the sales. Credit: Ashleigh Money Saver
  • 7. Finding the best deals

Check out my Facebook page Ashleigh Money Saver where I will be posting instore bargains live from Intu Metro Centre, Europe’s largest shopping centre on Black Friday. I have brought in some lovely helpers who will be posting the best online deals onto my page throughout the day.

  • 8. Haggle

As prices are slashed it is unlikely you will be able to haggle but that doesn't mean it’s impossible. There is nothing wrong with being a little cheeky and asking ‘Is that your best price?’

  • 9. Getting carried away

Last year Black Friday got so much stick in the UK for the fights and arguments it caused. People were fighting over the last bargain TV, pushing and shoving, being rude to staff etc. You need to remember that staff won’t be getting paid any extra and they don’t deserve being spoken to the way they were last year. I have had some retail staff message me and say they have had to give up days off and holidays for Black Friday so remember, be polite!

  • 10. You’ll need a holiday after this

Perfect! It’s not just stores that do Black Friday, some travel agents take part too and you can see prices slashed on a number of holidays.

Some travel agents take part too in Black Friday too. Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA
  • 11. Check returns policies

If you are buying for a present make sure you also get a gift receipt which gives you longer to return the item.

  • 12. Arrange a plan

If you need more than one item in the Black Friday sale and they are in different stores why not ask friends if they also want anything from the store you’re going to and they can go to the other store for you?

Missed a deal - won't be long until Cyber Monday. Credit: Ashleigh Money Saver
  • 13. Missed a deal?

Don’t forget there is Cyber Monday which is 1st December but all online, you may pick up your item in an online sale with the price slashed. With any luck it may even be cheaper! You also have 7 days to send back products you buy online because of the distance selling regulations, so if you decide you wish you hadn’t bought it then just return it.

Ashleigh writes on Her views do not necessarily reflect those of ITV News.

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