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Man pulls gun in McDonald's after staff forgot his cheeseburger, police say

Demetri Johnson, 21, allegedly pulled a gun in McDonald's when he found he was missing a McDouble cheeseburger Credit: Metro Police/Reuters

A man in the US allegedly pulled a gun on McDonald's staff after finding his cheeseburger was missing from his drive-thru order.

Workers at a Nashville branch of the fast food chain told police that Demetri Johnson, 21, placed an order at the restaurant's drive-thru in the early hours of Thursday.

He then returned to complain that his McDouble burger was missing, and was told to park his car and wait for the manager of the branch to bring him the missing food.

After a few minutes outside, Johnson allegedly walked into the restaurant with a gun that he loaded and then "demanded that the staff fix his order."

He also insisted on "fresh fries and new soft drinks" for his three female companions, police documents show, before he left the restaurant.

Police said they are looking for Johnson on suspicion of aggravated assault.