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Stranger on a train reunited with the 'role model' mother he praised in note

A young mother and son have been reunited with a kindly stranger who left them a note in passing, praising her mothering skills.

Ken Saunders, from Wiltshire, was tracked down after a social media campaign launched by Sammie Welch, who wanted to thank him in person for his generous gesture.

The trio were reunited this morning Credit: Good Morning Britain

He took Sammie by surprise when, on a busy train between Birmingham and Plymouth last week, he handed her £5 and the handwritten note.

And today, she and her son Rylan returned the favour, surprising him with an emotional reunion live on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Watch the moment Rylan thanked Mr Saunders:

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Mr Saunders said that after a "long week and a long day", it had been "endearing" to watch the pair together.

He was a bubbly little boy, and he coughed and she said 'Oh Rylan, put your hand to your mouth', and he practised it quite a bit after that - he coughed a few times and put his hand in front of his mouth.

Then he said 'What', and she said: 'No, pardon' - it was quite funny.

– Ken Saunders

Then, he said, the train got increasingly crowded as they passed through Gloucester, and he saw Sammy pull her son onto her lap to allow someone else to sit down.

I just thought that it was wonderful. Youngsters today are much maligned, and I though here's a great role model, a great mother, and I thought: 'This is lovely'.

Then, as I got towards Bristol and I took my train ticket out, there was a £5 note there and a scrap of paper, and it was a spur of the moment thing, I thought: 'I'm going to tell her what a great mum she is and hopefully put a smile on her face'.

– Ken Saunders
Sammie Welch and her son Rylan Credit: SWNS

He lingered on the platform to watch her reaction through the carriage windows, he added, and was initially worried by the shocked look on her face, concerned he might have upset her.

It was only upon reading about her social media campaign, which hit the headlines on Monday, that he realised she was trying to find him.

Watch their emotional reunion on Good Morning Britain.

While Rylan told the cameras he wanted to spend the money on his mother, Sammie revealed she had put it into a savings account for him for when he turns 18 - and said she hoped it would go towards helping him buy a car.

She said she had been overwhelmed by the kind gesture, which Mr Saunders revealed had been sparked by a similar act of kindness by strangers towards his own daughter when she was 18 and stranded at a railway station after accidentally getting the wrong train.

Ken Saunders handed Sammie Welch a note and £5 Credit: SWNS