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Damien Hirst reveals romantic side in new exhibition

A pig's heart pierced with a crossbow bolt suspended in a sweet jar. Photo: PA.

Damien Hist has revealed his romantic side for a new exhibition on display in London.

The 49-year-old artist, most famous for his work featuring dead animals, has created a new collection of original prints and sculptures in time for Valentine's Day.

The exhibition, called simply Love, features a pig's heart pierced by a crossbow suspended in a sweet jar.

The piece, called Love Struck, is on show at the Paul Stolpher Gallery and has a reserve price of £12,000.

'Love Struck' - a resin cast of a pig's heart with a steel crossbow bolt through it - during the private view of LOVE, a pop-up exhibition of prints and sculptural editions by Damien Hirst, at Paul Stolper gallery in London. Credit: PA Wire

The display also features two heart-shaped sculptures, called LOVE YU 4 EVA and a series of 14 prints, each featuring a butterfly inside a love heart.

Gallery owner Paul Stolpher said Hirst's more romantic works are intended to be a antidote to the horror of the world.

One of the heart shaped sculptures entitled LOVE YU 4 EVA. Credit: PA Wire

It's a common theme in Damien's work over the last 25 years or so - the idea of love and a celebration of that. He talks about how it's a little antidote to all the horror in the world.

He has a wide and very varied practice. The butterfly is not only a motif in his work but a traditional motif in the history of art dating back to the 15th or 14th century, as is the love heart.

He has admirers and detractors. It's up to people to decide and make their own decision. It's a beautiful show and people can come and have a look and decide for themselves.

– Paul Stolpher

The exhibition is free and will continue until February 21.