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Mandelson inspired Gatiss' performance in Sherlock

Mark Gatiss said he based Mycroft on Labour's Peter Mandelson. Credit: PA Wire

Actor Mark Gatiss has revealed politician Peter Mandelson inspired his performance as Sherlock's brother Mycroft in the hit BBC series.

Gatiss plays the now-Lord Mandelson, who was one of the key architects behind New Labour, in the new Channel 4 drama Coalition.

But he told the Radio Times that his depiction of Mycroft - the older brother of Benedict Cumberbatch's detective - was already inspired by the politician.

I based Mycroft on Peter Mandelson. It was explicit even before I was going to play him.

Steven [Moffat] ... and I talked about how Mandelsonian Mycroft was... Conan Doyle says Mycroft is the British government. He's the power behind the throne.

– Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss