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Revolutionary biochip technology could help in fight against cancer and other deadly diseases

Pioneering new biochip technology has been developed which scientists claim could help fight a range of life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

The biochip could help scientists develop drugs to fight diseases such as cancer Credit: PA

The PhosphoSense biochip can detect the activity of enzymes called kinases, which regulate a number of important biological processes - and which, when they become over-active or irregular, can cause a number of deadly diseases.

As well as cancer, kinases have been linked to autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer's and diabetes.

By monitoring the activity of the enzymes, the biochip can allow drug companies to measure the effect of a large number of compounds, helping researchers choose which should be developed into medicinal drugs.

The biochip monitors enzymes called kinases Credit: Reuters

The patented technology was developed at the University of Bath by Dr Pedro Estrela, PhD student Nikhil Bhalla, Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo and Dr Giordano Pula, and published in the Scientific Reports journal.

This technology has the potential to change the drug discovery process as we know it and facilitate the development of new drugs for diseases like cancer, stroke and dementia.

The simplicity is the strength of this technology. This discovery significantly simplifies the analysis of protein kinase activity and frees it from the use of radioisotopes or antibodies.

– Dr Giordano Pula, University of Bath

The team is now hoping to work alongside industrial partners to develop a prototype.