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Corfu deaths mother hits out at former Thomas Cook boss

The mother of Bobbi and Christi Shepherd has accused former Thomas Cook chief executive of trying to use their memory to gain public sympathy.

Sharon Wood, whose two children died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu in 2006, said she only learned about Harriet Green's bonus-related payout and plans to donate a third of the shares to charity in newspaper reports.

Today she told a press conference the family had not been made aware of the bonus or Ms Green plan's to donate some of the payout to charity.

She said: "If there is any suggestion that we have involvement in the decision making process this is simply wrong.

"If Harriet Green feels the need to offload some of that money to salve her conscience that is her decision to make.

"But to try and gain public empathy by attaching her donation to the memory of my Christi and Bobbi I find abhorrent".

Harriet Green Credit: PA Wire

Ms Wood also suggested that Thomas Cook should "reconsider" handing out the bonus to Ms Green, who joined Thomas Cook in 2012 and ran the business for two years.

She said: "We ask the relevant Thomas Cook committee should they reconsider her performance related bonus?

"Because there is much more to the success of a company synonymous with family friendly holidays than its share price. It must also consider the well-being and safety of its customers whilst on holiday and the way they are subsequently treated."

It comes after she told Good Morning Britain a belated apology from Thomas Cook after an inquest into the children's deaths was "too little too late".

The inquest ruled Bobbi and Christi had been unlawfully killed and that Thomas Cook had breached its duty of care.

Ms Green is said to be "deeply saddened" that Ms Wood views her charity donation as a way to "salve her conscience".

On hearing of the condemnation, Ms Green's spokesman said: "She is deeply saddened that Ms Wood feels like this".

It is believed that Ms Green, who is currently abroad, has offered to travel to meet the family in the next week.

It is suggested that, amid the tension, attempts at ongoing contact have been made through lawyers.

Ms Green did not tell the family of her bonus but it is believed an effort was made to alert the family of the offer of the donation before it became public.

Ms Green's spokesman added that "the communication from us definitely happened".