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Robin redbreast voted Britain's favourite bird

A robin Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble

They're a familiar visitor to Britain's hedgerows and Christmas cards alike, but now the humble robin's status as Britain's favourite bird has been cemented for good.

In a nationwide poll of more than 200,000 people, more than a third named the robin as their choice for Britain's national bird.

The ballot was run by TV ornithologist David Lindo, who now hopes to speak to the government in order to get the plucky little chap officially recognised as the nation's avian representative.

Mr Lindo started the project last year when he realised Britain did not have a national bird, unlike countries such as India, France and Japan.

34% of people voted for the robin, beating the barn owl into second with 12%, and blackbirds into third with 11%. Other contenders included the wren, the kingfisher and the puffin.

Mr Lindo said: "The robin is Britain's most familiar bird so it's perhaps fitting that it has been chosen by the nation to be our national bird.

"The Vote National Bird campaign is in fact a victory for all our British birds. What has become the UK's biggest ever nature vote has reminded the British people how much they love the nature around us."

Environment Minister Rory Stewart said: "The robin is synonymous with the British countryside and I'm delighted that so many people voted in the poll to name it their favourite bird.

A robin has a nice bath Credit: Dave Thompson / PA Archive