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The survivor, the bereaved sister and the Tube driver on coping after 7/7

Report by ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar

Ten years after 52 people were killed in the London 7/7 bombings, three people whose lives were irreparably changed by the attacks tell ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar how they coped and how they carry on.

Susan Harrison - Survivor

Susan Harrison lost her left leg in the 7/7 bombings. She was standing near Jermaine Lindsay, on the Piccadilly line train as it approached Russell Square station, when he detonated his bomb.

Lindsay's explosive killed 26 people, the largest single loss of life in the attacks that day.

In order to cope with what she had been through Susan moved out of London after the bombings to Bournemouth.

Jeff Porter - Tube driver witness

Jeff Porter was driving the Tube train directly behind the one which was destroyed at Edgware station.

Ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, detonated his device at Edgware Road, killing six.

Jeff saw the bomb go off right in front of him and knew that with just a few seconds difference the explosion could have hit him in his cab.

He still continues in same role today and says he still feels like a lucky man to have survived.

Esther Hyman - Bereaved sister

Bereaved sister Esther Hyman says her way of coping and dealing with the grief and anger was starting initiatives to keep her sister Miriam's legacy and memory alive.

This started with displaying 'Mim's' artwork and sponsoring an eye clinic in India in her name.

This week Esther has launched an anti-extremism initiative at schools to mark the decade since she lost her sister.

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