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Tony Blair: World must 'wake up' to threat of Islamic extremism

Tony Blair has urged nations around the world to "wake up" to the threat of Islamic extremism, as Britain marks a decade since 52 innocent people were killed in a series of bomb attacks on London.

Speaking to ITV News Presenter Mark Austin, the former Prime Minister - who was leading the country at the time of the attacks - described the "indescribable feeling of horror" when news of the attacks broke.

Asked whether the 7/7 attacks were motivated by Britain's intervention in Iraq in 2003, Mr Blair said it was "absolutely wrong" to give the bombers the "benefit of some excuse" for killing "wholly innocent people".

Mr Blair said it was "inappropriate" to discuss whether it was right to invade, insisting it was a "debate for another day".

A man leaves a floral tribute for victims of the bombings. Credit: Michael Stephens/PA Archive

Mr Blair said it was "very obvious for a long time" that "we are in a very, very long struggle" against radical groups such as Islamic State.

"It is going to take us a long time to defeat this because it is a global struggle - it is a product of an ideology that has got roots now globally."

I think in the end the world will wake up to the scale of this threat and the need to deal with it.

For us here in Britain and in Europe, the threat is so obvious and clear to us today.

– Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

He added that while the attacks were "horrific", there was "a determination" that London would continue to have a reputation for "open-mindedness" and "tolerance".

Tony Blair addresses the world's media following the attacks. Credit: Charles Bibby/PA Wire

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