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Beano's Numskulls poke fun at Pixar's Inside Out similarities

As blockbusters go, Pixar's latest movie Inside Out is one of the biggest, taking more than £60 million at the box office in three days when it opened.

The Beano's latest issue has a special strip of the Numskulls Credit: The Beano

The film tells the story of five characters inside a girl's heads who represent her emotions, an idea the Oscar-winning director Pete Docter said came from his daughter.

However, some comic fans have begged to differ.

They claim the story bears more than a passing resemblance to The Numskulls, five characters inside a boy called Ed's head, and who have been seen in the pages of legendary comic The Beano since the 1960s.

ITV News correspondent Martin Geissler reports:

And the latest issue sees Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust ribbing the Pixar movie, saying they will "rake in tens of pounds" from people reading the strip.

Credit: The Beano/ITV News

Beano Editor-in-chief Mike Stirling said people had been "so excited" about the new movie.

“We’re flattered that people have drawn similarities between the Numskulls and Inside Out," he told ITV News.

"There are differences though, between Edd’s Numskulls and Riley’s emotions, so in The Beano this week Edd sees the movie to find out what everyone is talking about. This leaves the Numskulls confused, and a little intrigued!

"Everyone who has appeared in The Beano has taken it as a major compliment, and we hope that Riley’s emotions are pleased they’ve now got their own little piece of comic history too. Maybe they’ll be so pleased they’ll get us involved in the sequel?”