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Average Brit 'spends nearly a decade watching TV'

Ten years of your life will be spent in front of a gogglebox, the research says. Credit: PA

The average Brit spends almost ten years of their lives in front of the television, research has suggested.

The study also identified an increase in people watching TV on their own with UK homes having an average of four different devices to watch programmes on.

Researchers questioned 2,000 people and found the average person clocks up nine-and-a-half years of TV watching in a lifetime.

Almost a fifth (19%) said they watched TV at work, while more than a third (37%) admitted to eating at least one meal in front of the box every day.

The survey, commissioned by on demand service, found an emerging generation gap in viewing habits as well with more than a third (37%) of 18 to 24-year-olds preferring to watch TV on tablets, mobiles or laptops as opposed to the national average of 15%.

It also found viewers in that age group watch a third (33%) of their TV on demand.

UKTV's controller Emma Tennant said:

It's amazing how many hours of small screen time we rack up in a lifetime - which is testament to the great programmes available to enjoy.

– Emma Tennant, UKTV controller