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Celebrity Big Brother star Tila Tequila apologises for 'irresponsible' Hitler remarks

Tila Tequila was only in the house for one day before she was evicted. Credit: PA Wire

Tila Tequila has said she is "truly sorry" for "irresponsible" and "reckless" comments she made about Adolf Hitler and Nazism on social media in 2013.

It follows the glamour model's eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother after just one day over the alleged 'anti-Semitic remarks' on social media.

In a statement, she said: "Back in 2013 I made a statement about Hitler not being a bad person, and immediately realised soon after that I had made a terrible mistake that would ultimately come back to haunt me."

The reality star added that she was "absolutely 100% not a Nazi supporter" and had been suffering from severe depression at the "lowest point" of her life.

I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible, reckless, and selfish actions and I hope that everyone can forgive me for the pain that I may have caused.

– Tila Tequila

A picture of the 33-year-old dressed in Nazi gear outside the Auschwitz concentration camp has also been circulating online.

Hundreds of viewers had called for Tequila to be removed after she previously praised Hitler and referred to herself as 'Hitila'.

She had been due to pocket £113,000 from the show but is now likely to miss out on any earnings.

Channel 5 said it had been unaware of the "views and attitudes Tila had expressed" before she entered the house on Thursday and her continued involvement in the show was "untenable".

The reality star's 'views and attitudes' expressed on social media were deemed 'totally unacceptable', Channel 5 said. Credit: PA

Some viewers tweeted to voice their opinions on the matter.

Campaign Against Antisemitism also launched a petition to get Tequila booted out of the house which gained more than 500 signatures.

A Channel 5 spokesman said last night: "Unfortunately, Channel 5 and Endemol did not know about the views and attitudes Tila had expressed in social media postings prior to her involvement in Celebrity Big Brother.

"When they were brought to our attention, she was called to the Diary Room for a discussion with producers and was subsequently removed from the house.

"The views Tila had expressed, and permitted to remain uncorrected, are totally unacceptable and, accordingly, her continued involvement in the programme was untenable."

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