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'When I met the Queen': Three people share personal memories of Her Majesty with ITV News

Video report by ITV News North of England correspondent Damon Green

Celebrations are being held across the country as the Queen becomes Britain's longest reigning monarch.

She overtakes Queen Victoria's record having held the crown for 64 years.

To mark the milestone, ITV News has spoken to people who have come to know Her Majesty in a very personal way.

Eleven-year-old Amy Carmichael, who had cancer for three years, met the Queen earlier this year during Her Majesty's visit to The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.

I just thought well it's part of the Royal Family and I'm getting to meet the Queen and it's just amazing and it's like a dream come true.

I'll always remember it ... because of all the pictures and things but it just feels a bit crazy that I've done it.

– Amy Carmichael

Phil Bettington fought back "butterflies" when he met the Queen in his former role as the Mayor of Ledbury.

The Queen was such a nice lady, and I felt very privileged to meet her. It was an unbelievable experience.

She talked about Ledbury’s poet, John Masefield, and Land Rover, and she was smiling all the time.

– Phil Bettington

Lord William Wallace sung at the Queen's coronation at the age of 12 and met Her Majesty years later in his role as a privy counsellor.

We were up in a gallery and she processed underneath us, the Queen with this enormously long train behind, walking past us. It was tremendous.

You take things a bit in your stride because it doesn't occur to you not to, but it was a wonderful day. I still can't quite remember how on earth we managed to control our bladders as 10-year-old boys.

– Lord William Wallace

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