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13-year-old carer who looks after his big brother honoured by Prince Harry

A 13-year-old boy who has spent three years caring for his older brother after he was severely injured falling off a motorbike is being presented with an award by Prince Harry.

Jamie Clark spends all his free time looking after Liam and says his brother means "everything" to him.

To mark his incredible caring, Jamie is being recognised at the WellChild Awards, a ceremony organised by the national charity for sick children.

Jamie, from St Helens, told ITV News: "That people even think I could have a chance of getting this award for basically just being a brother, doing what any other person would do, and then to win, for people that I don't even know to think that I deserve this award is just massive."

Jamie meets Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards on Monday evening. Credit: ITV News

The role reversal, with Jamie looking after his big brother, began three years ago in hospital after Liam's devastating motorbike accident.

Ever since, Liam has needed round-the-clock care and whenever he's not at school, Jamie is there to care for him, including feeding and changing him.

Jamie said the incident has brought them closer together and they are now "best friends".

Whenever he's not at school, Jamie is there to care for Liam. Credit: ITV News

"We always used to argue and stuff but now it's switched around, like I'm the older brother and I take care of him," Jamie said.

"We get along so much better now than before, we're just best friends."

Their mother Nicola Woods said nurses at the hospital were amazed when 10-year-old Jamie began tell them how to change his brother's morphine after just a couple of days in intensive care

Nicola Woods said Jamie was caring for his brother from when he was in hospital. Credit: ITV News

She said: "The nurses would be like 'Jamie you're going to steal our job from us'.

"Words can't describe how proud I feel of both of the kids."