Oscar Pistorius lawyers back in court to keep their client from returning to jail

Pistorius lawyers back in court to keep him out of jail. Credit: PA

Just two weeks since he was released on parole, Oscar Pistorius’s lawyers are back in court today to try to keep their client from returning to jail.

Five judges at South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal to being asked to decide whether his conviction for culpable homicide should instead be one of murder, with the much longer prison sentence that entails.

The facts of the case aren’t at issue.

On Valentine’s Night two years ago the former Olympic athlete put four shots through the toilet door of his home, killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius has always claimed that he thought an intruder was lurking in the bathroom; that he feared for both his life and Reeva’s, who he believed was still in bed.

Today the prosecution will argue that who-ever he believed he was shooting at; he intended to take their life.

The defence will contend that the original trial judge came to the right decision regarding Pistorius’s state of mind; that his belief that he was in danger was genuine.

The hearing is scheduled for just one day; Pistorius is expected to stay away, although June Steenkamp, Reeva’s mother, is likely to attend.

The judges are likely to reserve their ruling for several weeks.

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