1. ITV Report

Explosions heard as fireball rips through industrial estate

A huge blaze ripped through a media and broadcasting company last night causing staff to flee for their lives.

Staff escaped NEP Visions in Bracknell, that filmed the 2011 Royal Wedding, after attempts to stop the fire spreading failed.

The building, which set alight about 10pm on Tuesday, was devastated by flames and witnesses heard explosions as a fireball lit up the night sky.

Firefighters brought 10 fire engines and an aerial platform to deal with the blaze which continued into Wednesday morning.

Video posted to YouTube appeared to show the "massive flames" amid loud explosions.

There have been no reports of casualties and investigations as to the cause of the fire are ongoing.

At least six people were in the building but managed to escape without injury, local media reported.

Firefighter Paul Jacques told getreading that they are concerned the building could collapse.

He said: "The fire very quickly spread and at the moment we are in what we call a defensive position outside the building.

"Our main priority is to put the fire out and make sure people are safe, but the other issue is to salvage any equipment we can.

"Working with drivers on site and firefighters we have managed to clear the site of high-value equipment."