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Terminally ill cancer patient gets married in hospital bed after being told she was unlikely to survive weekend

Maggie Batt-Rawden and husband Mark tied the knot in hospital. Credit: Monty Steedman

A terminally ill cancer patient was led down the 'aisle' in bed at hospital after being told she was unlikely to survive beyond the weekend.

The ceremony at the hospital in Surrey. Credit: Monty Steedman

Describing it as a "memory of a lifetime", Maggie Batt-Rawden and Mark tied the knot at the Royal Surrey County Hospital's Albury Ward last Saturday, less than 24 hours after deciding to bring their big day forward.

Maggie's condition had suddenly deteriorated and she was taken to hospital on Tuesday 17 November, with doctors suggesting that she may not survive beyond the weekend.

After we had been told Friday evening that Maggie was unlikely to survive the weekend, I thought she might like to get married in the hospital the very next day.

– Mark Batt-Rawden
Credit: Monty Steedman

Maggie and I were overwhelmed by the hospital team.

They made the impossible happen and created a dream wedding given the most hopeless circumstances - they even bought balloons and a cake.

The wedding will be a memory of a lifetime, not only for us but everyone who attended.

– Mark Batt-Rawden

Maggie was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

Family and friends throw confetti. Credit: Monty Steedman

On Friday November 20, Mark started to make inquiries about the possibility of getting married.

The plans were in full swing just two hours later, with the registrar booked and the ceremony set to take place at 1pm on Saturday.

The newlyweds cut their cake. Credit: Monty Steedman

By the next morning, Mark asked the charge nurse on the ward, Monty Steedman, if they could use the next room for guests.

Monty said: ‘I think we might be able to do a little better than that, give me a couple of minutes.’

He returned beaming and said that he would be able to clear an area for us to use as a wedding chapel.

With just two-and-a-half hours to go we were phoning people and inviting them to the wedding. Suddenly the guest list went from 10 to 50 people.

– Mark Batt-Rawden
Credit: Monty Steedman

Maggie was brought down the aisle in her hospital bed, led by her children James, 24, Tim, 20, and Lizzie, 18.

The love and compassion showed by Monty and the Albury Ward Team and my family and friends allowed us to give everyone the opportunity to see me, perhaps for the last time, in a happy way where congratulations replaced goodbye.

– Maggie, 55