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Abstract painter Ellsworth Kelly dies, aged 92

American artist Ellsworth Kelly was known for his large scale abstract pieces Credit: Gero Breloer/DPA/PA

Abstract painter and sculpter Ellsworth Kelly, has died aged 92.

The influential American artist died of natural causes at his home in Spencertown, New York, on Sunday, according to art gallery owner and family friend Matthew Marks.

Kelly, whose work has exhibited at world famous galleries including the Guggenheim in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, was a native New Yorker who served in the military during WWII before studying art in France.

His first solo show was at the Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre in Paris in 1951 and he frequently cited French artist Henri Matisse and the Spanich painter Pablo Picasso among his influences during his career.

Kelly's works, such as Credit: Mike Seger/ Reuters

Museums around the world paid tribute to Kelly after his death by posting message of condolences, and images of his works on Twitter: