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Eddie the Eagle: Film will be bigger then the Olympics

Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards in the new Hollywood film

The famous sporting underdog Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards says the release of a new blockbuster film about his life is set to be an even bigger event than the Olympic appearance which propelled him to fame.

Edwards, whose real first name is Michael, became the UK's first Olympic ski jumper at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics - and then came last in every event.

Video report by ITV News sports correspondent Ian Payne

He told ITV News despite being best known as a sporting failure he relishes appearing as his "Eddie" persona - and is expecting to get a lot more attention after the new biopic.

I do love being Eddie the Eagle. It’s great fun and it’s a great way to start a conversation.

People always stop me in the street and say and say 'We loved what you did' – even now – and now with the movie of course it’s going to be an explosion.

It will be like Calgary all over again but a thousand times bigger.

– Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards

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Edwards added that he loves the new film, which he had already seen three times.

But he said that the portrayal of his father as a critic of his sporting dreams on screen is far from the truth.