Let down by nature and now by policy: Flood victims' anger at exclusion from new insurance scheme

The people of Calderdale were dealt a bad hand by nature. It's 100 days ago that this area was flooded.

They are still struggling to rebuild - and for many there is a fresh blow.

The government and insurance industry are launching a new scheme designed to bring more affordable insurance to areas like this. The problem is that many people are excluded.

The government and insurance industry are launching a new scheme for flood victims Credit: PA

Simon Waring is an insurance broker in Hebden Bridge - but he can't get insurance for his own business.

It is in the flood zone and there is no help for firms in this new plan. He is so worried by the omissions that he is leading attempts to set up an alternative insurance scheme in co-operation with a local credit union.

This morning I met a householder from Mytholmroyd whose insurance runs out tomorrow, but she still can't get flood insurance despite this new scheme. Even the insurance industry concedes that more affordable polices will not happen overnight.

Of course, it's true that many will be helped by this new multi-million pound scheme. The fact that its happened, after considerable delays, is a landmark in the UK's flood arrangements.

However, what I have found in Calderdale shows many people feel there are worrying gaps in this insurance safety net.

Many here who have suffered through the impact of nature, today also feel let down by policy.

In Calderdale, they still have much rebuilding to do and they say the government too has more to do when it comes to delivering truly affordable insurance.

A bed and breakfast owner shares her frustration over the flood insurance restrictions with ITV News: