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Ben Stokes' mother broadcast live in defence of her son

Ben Stokes got hit for four sixes in the last over of the T20 Final. Photo: Reuters

Ben Stokes' mother was unknowingly broadcast live on air by a New Zealand radio station after phoning in to defend her son following England's World Twenty20 final defeat.

New Zealand-born Stokes conceded four successive sixes from the final over on Sunday as the West Indies secured a dramatic victory in Kolkata.

Radio Hauraki presenters Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath had been discussing the final over drama when Deborah Stokes reportedly called in to defend her son against criticism.

Ben Stokes' mother called into the show. Credit: PA

An audio clip uploaded to relayed a woman requesting to talk to someone off air and after being told she was off went on to say: "I just wanted to basically I guess put forward my thoughts with regards to the way they have bagged the English cricketer Ben Stokes this morning.

"I don't know whether they realise he was born and bred in New Zealand and quite frankly has family all over the country. And for those who listen to your station, for them to sit and listen to their cousin, their grandson being bagged like that is absolutely unconscionable and I'm his mother and I'm totally brassed off.

"It's not about the cricket it's about the personal attack on him. They called him arrogant and then they called him some kind of name. They don't know him! They wouldn't have a blooming clue."

A spokesperson for New Zealand Media and Entertainment told "Matt and Jeremy are famous for identifying where the line is and then ignoring it, however putting Ben's mum to air without her knowledge, albeit defending her son, was obviously well over that line. They've been suitably reprimanded, and are off-air tomorrow."