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Meet Peanut the 'Ewe-nicorn' - a sheep with one horn

Peanut has just one horn after an accident. Credit: SWNS

A sheep who was left with one horn after an accident has become a farm's star attraction as their very own 'ewe-nicorn'.

16-year-old Peanut has spent most of her life looking more like a unicorn than a sheep after one horn was accidentally snapped off.

But the veteran Jacob sheep, one of the oldest in the country, has used her distinctive appearance to her advantage, and has become the star attraction at Hartcliffe Community farm in Bristol.

Schoolchildren accidentally snapped off the ewe's other horn. Credit: SWNS

The farm's founder Rocky Pearce, 76, said: "We have school visits now and then and one time the children though they'd help us get her back in the van.

"But unfortunately, they grabbed her by the horn rather than the body and her horn snapped off in their hands.

"Luckily she wasn't in pain. She's definitely a character in the park and she gets a lot of love."

Peanut's keeper Charlie Tucker treats her to boiled sweets. Credit: SWNS

Peanut's keeper, Charlie Tucker, 85, says he treats her with boiled sweets during his tea break.

She's quite an old lady now. She's more like a pet than anything else because she's so well looked after - she'll be around for a few years yet.

She'll often join me for a cup of tea in my hut.

– Peanut's keeper, Charlie Tucker

The Jacob Sheep Society said the animals usually have from two to six horns and Peanut is one of the oldest.