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Good Samaritan killed by homeless woman he let stay in his house

A Good Samaritan was stabbed to death by a homeless woman who he allowed to stay at his house, Northamptonshire Police said.

Karl Pound and Mary Cash killed Robert Chester after he let them stay at his house. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Robert Chester was killed by Mary Cash and Karl Pound after he invited them into his home rather than let them sleep on the streets.

Cash, 39, was found guilty of Mr Chester's manslaughter by a jury at Northampton Crown Court.

Her co-defendant 51-year-old Karl Pound had previously pleaded guilty to murder at the start of their trial.

Northamptonshire Police said the 54-year-old victim welcomed Cash into his home on October 8 last year.

Mr Chester was later attacked and stabbed eight times. His body was then set on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence of the murder.

Neighbours called the fire service after spotting the blaze and firefighters discovered the victim's body in his sitting room.

Cash had denied murder and claimed that Pound stabbed Mr Chester following an argument over a £10 note, but the jury did not believe her story.

Robert was known by his neighbours to be a quiet man who never caused any issues or harmed anyone.

He kept himself to himself and lived a simple life with a fixed routine. It was this fixed routine that led his neighbours to notice that he had visitors on the 8th of October.

It appears that an act of kindness by Robert was a fatal mistake. He offered to take in two people who might otherwise have had to spend a night out on the streets on a cold October night.

They repaid this act of kindness by attacking him, stabbing him in his own house and then setting a fire to cover their tracks.

– Detective Inspector Louise Hemingway