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TV reporter helps rescue man from car sinking in floodwater

The man shouts for help Credit: AP

A TV reporter helped rescue a man whose car was sinking in high floodwater.

KTRK Reporter Steve Campion was about to go live to report on the flooding in southeast Texas, when he saw a man stranded in his car.

At least five people have been killed in the flash flooding that has hit Houston in Texas and hundreds have been evacuated from their homes.

He shouted: "Dude, you've got to get out the car."

The man asked him what he should do and Campion told him to swim away from the sinking vehicle.

As the man paddled to safety, Campion extended a helping hand.

The man said he didn't realise how deep the water was Credit: PA

Campion asked him if he was ok and the man, who later identified himself as Andy, said he was.

Campion asked: "Did you not just think the water was that deep?"

The man said: "I did not think it was that deep."