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Art museum visitors make spectacles of themselves as they crowd around pair of glasses 'exhibit' prank

A visitor to the museum takes a picture of the 'exhibit' Credit: TJ Khyatan

From Tracey Emin's My Bed, to a pair of glasses on the floor...?

Modern art comes in all shapes and sizes, and earlier this week visitors to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art saw what they believed to be a new installation which took the form of a pair of glasses on the floor.

Except this really was just a pair of glasses on the floor that a 17-year-old prankster decided to place there during a trip to the museum on Tuesday.

TJ Khayatan, the brains behind the museum's newest piece along with his friends, then decided to take photos as visitors began make spectacles of themselves, crowding round it.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Khyatan said that he and his friends enjoyed most of the exhibits.

Upon first arrival we were quite impressed with the artwork and paintings presented in the huge facility.

– TJ Khyatan

However, some of the pieces they thought less of, giving rise to their idea.

Some of the ‘art’ wasn’t very surprising to some of us. We stumbled upon a stuffed animal on a gray blanket and questioned if this was really impressive to some of the nearby people.

– TJ Khyatan

While at the museum Khyatan and his friends attempted similar pranks with a cap and a bin, but neither had the success of the spectacles.