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Calais aid convoy prevented from entering France

  • ITV News report by Jenny Longden

An aid convoy of around 250 vehicles is being held at Dover after French authorities refused them entry to France.

The vehicles are carrying aid donations for migrants and refugees in the 'jungle camp' in Calais, and had been organised by several campaign groups including Stop the War Coalition and the People's Assembly.

The prevention prompted a rally, with people chanting and holding signs welcoming refugees.

Volunteers had organised aid for migrants in Calais Credit: PA

Steve Sweeney, spokesman for the People's Assembly, said they had been told it was "unlikely" they would be allowed to cross, due to heightened security in France.

"It seems like a concerted effort stopping us from making the crossing," he said. "A few cars have made it to France but they are being stopped there apparently."

He accused Kent Police of colluding with French authorities in order to prevent them from crossing.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: "Kent Police has received notification from the French authorities that they have taken a decision to refuse the convoy entry to France.

"No agency within the United Kingdom has any grounds to challenge this decision. The refusal of entry to France is a matter for the French authorities."

The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais said there were a number of reasons for issuing the ban, including the potential for it to "generate violent episodes", and the lack of police officers because of the European Championships.