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Tens of thousands march in anti-Brexit protest in London

ITV News correspondent Richard Pallot reports.

Tens of thousands of people have taken part in a "March for Europe" in London to protest against plans to leave the European Union.

The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% last week - a decision which divided the country, sparked huge political upheaval and heightened market uncertainty.

An estimated 35,000 protesters draped in EU flags and with homemade banners saying "Bremain" and "We Love EU" gathered around Park Lane before marching towards Parliament Square.

Musician Jarvis Cocker recorded a video message in solidarity with the pro-EU supporters. In the film the Pulp frontman holds up a map of the world and says: "You cannot deny geography. The UK is in Europe."

As well as the film, musician and activist Bob Geldof gave a speech, as did journalist and TV presenter Billie JD Porter, MPs, and impassioned protesters.

Let's get real. Going online and tweeting your indignation is only venting into the ether. It achieves nothing.

Come out. Take action amongst your friends, work colleagues and in your neighbourhoods.

– Bob Geldof urged people to protest in person, not on social media

Aerial footage shows the scale of the protest:

It is the second large-scale protest against the result after thousands, including a tearful pro-EU Tory minister, gathered in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday.

A European Union flag in front of Big Ben. Credit: PA Wire
Thousands of people are taking part. Credit: PA Wire
A man with the flag of the European Union painted on his face. Credit: PA Wire

They later gathered outside Downing Street and began chanting "Shame on you".

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Comedian and satirist Mark Thomas organised the march on social media to address his "anger, frustration and need to do something".

He claimed up to 40,000 people were expected to attend.

"We would accept the result of the referendum if it was fought on a level playing field but it was full of misinformation and people need to do something with their frustration," he said.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron - who has vowed to take Britain back into the EU as part of his pledge for the next general election - addressed the protesters before they set off soon after 11.30am.

Tim Farron addresses demonstrators. Credit: PA Wire
Thousands have joined the march. Credit: PA Wire
Remain supporters demonstrate. Credit: PA Wire

Father and daughter Bill Baker, 59, and Jess Baker, 22, from Islington, north London, had made a banner for the march which read: "I will always love EU."

Another protester, Philippa Griffin, 40, said she was "outraged" by the result and what she called the "lies the referendum was based on".

"My ideal outcome from this march is that MPs realise that leaving the EU is not what people truly want - it feels like our country has already changed."

The Met Police said there would be officers at the event to provide "flexible and appropriate" policing.

People hold anti-Brexit banners. Credit: Reuters