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Sir John Chilcot: Iraq Inquiry report 'will not shy away from criticising individuals'

The long-awaited report into the Iraq War will not shy away from criticising individuals, its author has said.

Sir John Chilcot's findings will be published on Wednesday - seven years after he was tasked with investigating the decision to go to war, the conflict itself and its aftermath.

Sir John said he was "very conscious" of the importance of his report to bereaved families looking for answers and politicians who want to draw a line under the controversial conflict.

Ahead of its publication, he said: "If we came across decisions or behaviour that deserved criticism we wouldn't shy away from making it - and indeed there have been more than a few instances where we are bound to do that."

The 77-year-old said the inquiry was "unprecedented" in scale and his team had scrutinised over 150,000 document as he defended the time it has taken to produce the report.

"To get to the bottom of what happened over a nine-year period - with all the legal, military, diplomatic, intelligence and political aspects of it - has proved very great."

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