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Domestic abuse victim wins £75,000 from police after privacy breach

The force has apologised. Credit: PA Wire

A domestic abuse survivor has been awarded tens of thousands of pounds in damages from a police force after it revealed her identity and personal details without her consent.

The woman agreed Greater Manchester Police (GMP) could use her ordeal in training sessions for officers - providing she remained anonymous.

But she later found out that the force had revealed her name, medical history and a recording of a 999 call she made.

The woman took legal action over the "psychiatric harm" caused and won £75,000.

The victim's solicitor said the payout was believed to be one of the biggest by a British force in a privacy case.

Nick McAleenan told ITV Granada that the information disclosed was "so sensitive" and caused "massive upset and distress to his client".

The woman said she felt "betrayed" by police after having her sensitive and personal information made so public.

GMP has apologised and said it has taken steps to ensure a similar blunder does not happen again.