Theresa May wants 'better global approach' to mass migration issues

Theresa May wants to Britain's focus to be on delivering aid to the regions from where refugees are coming. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister says that migration is her number one priority as she flies to the UN General Assembly for the first time.

Theresa May will speak here in New York tomorrow - but she says securing a 'better global approach' to the issue of mass migration is her goal.

But she told reporters on her plane to New York that countries like the UK do have a right to secure their borders and refugees are not helped when they are encouraged to travel hundreds of miles to settle in new countries.

The Government has pledged to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. Credit: PA

Like David Cameron before her, Mrs May believes Britain's focus should be on delivering aid to the regions from where refugees are coming.

She also said there needs to be a better description of those people on the move to differentiate between genuine refugees fleeing for their lives and economic migrants looking for work.

Asked if she would consider increasing the number of refugees Britain is currently taking from the camps in the countries neighbouring Syria, she said the UK may speed up the current plan - not add to it.

That current plan is to help 20,000 refugees from the camps to settle in Britain plus an additional 3,000 children with parents who have families living here.