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Boy, 6, gives his birthday presents to migrant children in Calais

Joseph with his mum Ala. Credit: Al Fadhili family.
  • By Cheryl Smith and Katie Wilson

A little boy is giving his birthday presents to migrant children in Calais - after seeing they had nothing on TV.

Joseph Al Fadhili, who turns six today, started asking his parents questions after watching the youngsters in what is now known as the 'Jungle' camp.

When they explained why they had nothing, Joseph offered to donate some of his toys - and any more he gets for his birthday to them.

"I just want to make the kids happy," Joseph told ITV News.

Joseph with his two-year-old brother Ali. Credit: Al Fadhili family.

Joseph, who will have a birthday party on Saturday, said he only wants to keep the Lego Ninjago toy his parents are going to get for him - and will donate the rest.

He has even asked children at his school in Leeds if they want to do the same.

They can also choose to donate clothes and money through the charity Calais Action.

Young migrants in Calais. Credit: Reuters

Once they have collected all the donations, Joseph wants his dad to take him to Calais in the October half-term so he can hand the toys over himself.

His father Firas said: "Joseph said 'can we go see the boys and give them the toys?'

"He wants to play with them. But we will have to see if we can take him there."

Two little migrant girls play with bubbles. Credit: Reuters

Joseph's mum Ala Altaie said: "It all started when he was watching the news.

"He kept asking questions like 'why do the children not have any toys?' or 'why are the children not in school?'

"We explained that not everybody is as lucky as we are so we should appreciate what we have.

"We told him their toys might have been destroyed or they had to leave them behind or didn't have any money to buy toys with.

"Then Joseph said 'OK, I only need one toy, so we will give them my other toys.'"

The family have set up a donation page if people want to give money instead.

Calais Action were 'bowled over' by Joseph's selflessness. Credit: Al Fadhili family.

Libby from Calais Action told ITV News when they received an email from Joseph's aunt the whole team "were bowled over by his selflessness and concern for other children around the world."

"Right now there are 1,179 children living in the camp in Calais, of those 1,022 are alone. There are thousands more in camps across Europe living in unmanageable conditions with little or no support," she continued.

"Children following in the footsteps of Joseph will allow us to bring support and joy in Calais and beyond."