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'Awkward' police appeal for dumped wedding album solved

Police found the couple didn't want their wedding album back Credit: Kirklees Rural Police

Police launched a social media appeal after a wedding album was found in a bin - but the owners didn't want it back.

West Yorkshire Police's Kirklees Rural branch were handed the album after it was discovered in a rubbish pile in Holmfirth, feared stolen.

The force then set about reuniting the album with the married couple pictured inside.

On Twitter, Kirkless Rural wrote: "Do you recognise this couple? A wedding album featuring them was dumped in a bin in Holmfirth & we'd like to give it back!"

However, when the album's owners were contacted they made it perfectly clear it could stay in the bin.

The search was subsequently called off, with Kirklees Rural writing on their Facebook and Twitter pages "awkward".

Kirklees Rural said: "Wedding Album Mystery SOLVED! Looks like although it was handed in in good faith, the owner doesn't want it back".