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On-demand TV spells end for the rush to make a cuppa

Big TV events still see a power surge. Credit: PA

Come the end of our favourite TV shows, it's a British tradition to put the kettle on for a cuppa - but no more, according to the National Grid.

As more and more people use on-demand and catch-up services to watch television programmes, the age of the "TV pickup" appears to be at an end.

Big TV events - such as the World Cup or Euros - may still see a spike in demand, but not on the scale of years gone by.

"We see as many but they are much, much smaller than they were," Jeremy Caplin, forecasting manager at National Grid told the Financial Times.

"The way that people watch TV has meant that they have come down in size."

One of the biggest ever "pickups" was in 1984 when the BBC aired "The Thorn Birds", prompting a spike equivalent to more than one million kettles boiling.