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Cold case police re-examine murder of four-year-old girl in 1946

The murder of a girl 70 years ago in York is being re-examined. Credit: SWNS

The murder of a four year old girl in 1946 is being re-examined by cold case detectives.

The body of little Norma Dale was found dumped on wasteland near her Tang Hall home in York over 70 years ago.

Norma had one red shoe missing prompting the case to become known as the Red Shoe Murder but no-one was ever arrested, despite 1,000 people being interviewed.

North Yorkshire Police announced a cold case review following the 70th Anniversary of the murder on September 21.

Norma’s cousin Brian Dale, 78, welcomed the news and hoped the review could give his family closure.

Norma Dale was just four years old when she was killed in 1946. Credit: SWNS

I really, really hope the case can be solved - it would be so good if there could be closure.

“It would have been better if her mum had still been alive, that way she would have had closure.

They are gathering as much information as they can and want to see the papers we have.

– Brian Dale

Norma was four years and ten months old when she left her home to play on Saturday, September 21, 1946.

Her body was found dumped the following day by 11-year-old Michael Duffy.

Another one of Norma's cousins, Alan Powell, 80, said he was pleased police were looking again at the case.

He said: "The person who did it probably can’t be brought to justice now - but at least we can get some closure and find out what happened, put the case to bed.

“We have known all along it’s not a dead case, it’s live as far as North Yorkshire Police is concerned, and they hadn’t forgotten about it, but I think 70 years on is possibly a good time to have another look at it and see if we can come to a conclusion.

"You never know, it’s just possible someone remembers something they overheard or saw that might give police a new lead."