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Woman suffers third-degree burns after dropping Costa Coffee on her lap

  • WARNING: This article contains images some may find distressing
Melissa Postello suffered third-degree burns. Credit: SWNS and PA

A woman has been left with third-degree burns after she dropped a cup of Costa Coffee tea in her lap while on a date.

Melissa Postello was in the passenger seat at a drive-through in Sheffield's Meadowhall when she lost grip of the cup.

It spilled in the 23-year-old's lap causing her severe burns to her crotch area.

Retail worker Miss Postello was wearing shorts and tights at the time - and has now been told she might need skin grafts.

The horrific burns Miss Postello suffered. Credit: SWNS

She spent 20 minutes in a cold bath before going to A&E when the pain did not subside.

Miss Postello later complained to Costa Coffee on Facebook, describing her pain and posting: "Costa has said that they will investigate the branch, but I just want to warn people that this can even happen.

"At home, I’ve spilled a little bit of boiling water on myself, and its hurt but it hasn’t been anything like this."

She hasn't spoke with her date since the incident.