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Former Republican US president George W Bush 'may vote for Hillary Clinton'

George W Bush - leading a split from the Republicans in the political dynasty? Credit: Reuters

Former Republican presidents George W Bush and George HW Bush could break with their party to back Hillary Clinton for president, a close relative has claimed.

George P Bush, who is the nephew and grandson to the two former leaders respectively, said both could "potentially" vote for the Democratic nominee in a dramatic split from the GOP.

His father Jeb, who mounted a failed campaign for the Republican presidential nomination against Donald Trump, would also be taking his vote elsewhere, George P told a rally in Texas.

He claimed that he was the only member of his powerful Republican political dynasty who would remain loyal to the party by voting for Trump.

Former president George HW Bush is said to be backing Clinton Credit: Reuters

Pressed later to clarify his comments, Mr Bush backtracked slightly, saying: "I don't know how they voted. I'm speculating, to be honest."

He said he thought both George W and George H W were "potentially" backing Clinton.

It comes after numerous high-profile members of the Bush clan pointedly refused to endorse Trump for the tightly-fought election.

Jeb Bush: Said he will not vote for either Trump or Clinton Credit: Reuters

George H W Bush, president of the US between 1989 and 1993, has previously been reported to be supporting Clinton.

His son George W, the most recent Republican US president, has opted to stay out of the electoral race while helping raise money for Republican congressional candidates.

However rumours that he supports Clinton were bolstered when his daughter Barbara was pictured at a Democratic fundraiser in Paris last month.

Meanwhile Jeb Bush has said that he plans to give his vote to a third party candidate.